Lean Fundamentals

Lean Fundamentals

Lean FundamentalsThis four day course starts with Lean Basics like 5S, Kanban, Value Stream Mapping, and Kaizen, then covers advanced concepts that use data and analysis within a DMAIC roadmap to design an optimized process layout. Learn the Lean Fundamentals system that brings it all together.

Lean Fundamentals Training Topics:

  • Overview of the Lean Initiative
  • Incorporating Lean & Six Sigma
  • Muda (or Waste) Eradication
  • Value Stream Mapping (Present and Prospective State)
  • How to Conduct a Lean Vision Events (or Kaizen Events)
  • Flow, TAKT Time and PITCH Applications
  • Replenishment Pull methods vs. Traditional “Push”
  • Kanban or Visual Signaling
  • Goldratt’s “Theory of Constraints”
  • 5S and Visual Control
  • Poka Yoke (Error Proofing)
  • Program Synopsis

Check out our Lean Fundamentals Schedule Below

Duration Dates Location Cost Register
4 Days Oct-28-2019 San Francisco, CA $2000 Register
4 Days Nov-18-2019 Honolulu, HI $2000 Register
3 Days Nov-19-2019 Live Instructor Led Webinar $1300 Register
4 Days (Tue-Fri) Dec-03-2019 Washington, DC $2000 Register
4 Days Dec-09-2019 San Antonio, TX $2000 Register
4 Days(Tu-Fri) Jan-21-2020 Philadelphia, PA $2000 Register
4 Days Feb-03-2020 Orlando, FL $2000 Register
4 Days(Tue-Fri) Feb-18-2020 Los Angeles, CA $2000 Register
4 Days Mar-02-2020 Dallas, TX $2000 Register
4 Days Mar-30-2020 Chicago Elmhurst, IL $2000 Register
4 Days Apr-06-2020 Elizabeth, NJ $2000 Register
4 Days Apr-27-2020 San Jose, CA $2000 Register
4 Days May-11-2020 Houston, TX $2000 Register
4 Days May-18-2020 Atlanta, GA $2000 Register
4 Days Jun-08-2020 Las Vegas, NV $2000 Register
4 Days Jun-22-2020 Boston, MA $2000 Register
4 Days Jul-13-2020 Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ $2000 Register
4 Days Jul-27-2020 Nashville, TN $2000 Register
4 Days Aug-10-2020 Chicago Downtown, IL $2000 Register
4 Days Aug-31-2020 Minneapolis, MN $2000 Register
4 Days Sep-14-2020 Portland, OR $2000 Register
4 Days Sep-28-2020 Dallas, TX $2000 Register
4 Days Oct-05-2020 Las Vegas, NV $2000 Register
4 Days(Tu-Fri) Oct-13-2020 Providence RI $2000 Register
4 Days Nov-02-2020 San Francisco, CA $2000 Register
4 Days Dec-07-2020 Washington, DC $2000 Register
4 Days Dec-07-2020 San Antonio, TX $2000 Register