Lean Agent Training Introduction

Lean Agent Training Introduction

Lean Agent TrainingThis two-day instructor-led Lean Agent Introduction Training certification program provides participants with a comprehensive overview of the principles of Lean Thinking. This course is applicable for both manufacturing and transactional (service) organizations.

Lean Agent Training provides an introduction to process management and the basic tools of Lean. This gives students a stronger understanding of processes, enabling each individual to provide meaningful assistance in achieving the organization’s overall objectives. Our Lean Agent┬áTraining Introduction certification improves:

  • The effectiveness of employees in their support role of Six Sigma
  • Personnel buy-in of Six Sigma
  • Day-to-day workplace activities (resulting in a reduction of cycle times, improved quality, and less waste)

Check Out our Full List of Lean Agent Training Schedule Below

Please check out the dates of our lean agent training programs below. Look for one nearest you if not available in your place. Do try to reserve a seat early as these easily fill up.

Duration Dates Location Cost Course Code  
2 Days May-21-2018 San Diego, CA $1090 LISAN Register
2 Days Jul-09-2018 Boston, MA $1090 LIBOS Register
2 Days Jul-23-2018 Toronto, ON $1090 LIYYZ Register
2 Days Aug-06-2018 Seattle, WA $1090 LISEA Register
2 Days Sep-10-2018 Minneapolis, MN $1090 LIMSP Register
2 Days Sep-24-2018 Moscow, RU $1090 LIDME Register
2 Days Oct-01-2018 Dallas, TX $1090 LIDFW Register
2 Days Dec-03-2018 San Antonio, TX $1090 LISAT Register
2 Days Dec-03-2018 San Francisco, CA $1090 LISFO Register
2 Days Dec-10-2018 Washington, DC $1090 LIDCA Register
2 Days Dec-10-2018 Honolulu, HI $1090 LIHNL Register