Lean Agent Training & Certification

Lean Agent

Our Lean Agent program is unique because:

  • The format is designed so individuals can integrate the Green or Black Belt programs in any order.
  • Individuals that have a Green Belt may go directly into a Black Belt for a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.
  • Project support is included in the price for up to 6 hours
  • Individuals wanting to be certified can take advantage of project support before the first day of class.
  • Classes are conducted by certified Master Black Belt and Lean Masters. All are top rated instructors.
  • Our organization has worked with major corporations from around the world in over 25 countries with over 12 years of experience delivering programs.
  • Students have the ability to earn CEUs and PDUs
  • The program includes integration methods that show how Six Sigma and Lean work together.
  • Global Six Sigma certification included within the cost
  • We offer lower rates because we have lower overhead, so we can hire the best instructors.

What are the Highlights?

  • Students receive detailed instructions and manuals with screen shots of the presentation.
  • Our leaders have real world experience that is unprecedented.
  • Throughout the training, students will receive support as they complete their projects.
  • Students receive 2 hours of pre-course project assistance by phone or email.
  • Students also receive 2 hours of support after the training is finished also by phone or email.
  • A certificate is issued at the completion of training. Students will receive a second certification for completing a project.

Bonus Features

  • Complimentary coffee
  • A Light Lunch is served every day but Friday at most locations.
  • Manuals that are professional laser printed in color are provided at no additional charge.
  • Classes include engaging exercises that are designed to be fun and exciting
  • An atmosphere that encourages learning in a relaxed environment
  • We want students to be comfortable, so attire is business casual
  • Plenty of generic examples
  • Lean Flow Certificate provided at the end of training
  • The option to be Lean Six Sigma Certified by adding any of our Six Sigma programs.
  • Discounted rates available for students wanting on-site consulting services

Do you want a Lean Six Sigma Certification?

For a Lean Six Sigma Certification, you have the ability to add either our two week Green Belt or a four week Black Belt program with the Lean Agent. The result is a Lean Six Sigma certification.

As a bonus, students that register for the Green Belt or four week Black Belt will receive the Lean Agent program for only $1500. This is a $500 discount off the regular price. This will include the cost of certification.

Lean Agent Agenda

The Lean Agent Agenda consists of four days of training. The concepts of Lean Agent and Lean Flow will be covered throughout the training period. Students will have an opportunity to ask questions, work on exercises, and get feedback regarding real world issues.

  • Lean Agent Initiatives: An Overview
  • Lean Agent and Six Sigma Incorporating Both Concepts
  • Eradicating Waste Muda
  • VSM Present and Prospective States of Value Stream Mapping
  • Kaizen Events A How to Guide to Conducting a Lean Vision Event
  • PITCH Applications, TAKT Time, and Flow
  • Replenishment Pull methods vs. Traditional Push
  • Kanban or Visual Signaling
  • Theory of Constraints Goldratt’s
  • Visual Control and the 5S
  • Error Proofing or Poka Yoke
  • Program Wrap-Up

Lean Agent Learning Outcomes

  • Students will have the ability to see Lean and Six Sigma as symbiotic methodologies that work well together to improve processes while removing waste. Global Six Sigma offers both Lean and Six Sigma classes in a variety of formats, including implementation services.
  • After completing this course, students will have the ability to use Lean methodologies and analysis to determine areas of waste, so that expenses can be decreased, cycle times reduced, volumes increased, and the overall improvement of production for Service, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Operations.
  • Students will understand the supportive tools employed within Six Sigma and Lean. In addition, students will have the knowledge to know when and how to use these methods collectively to realize faster and more innovative conclusions.
  • Students will have the skills needed to gather the correct data needed to define the processes.
  • Upon completion of the course the student will understand the how to put together a framework of metrics that define the performance in your corporation. This allows the student to realize the biggest returns and improvements.
  • Students will have an understanding of change management. In addition, students will have the skills necessary to overcome resistance to lead an effective implementation of the methodologies.
  • Students will increase productivity by utilizing new Value Streams that are set through acquire systems learned during training.
  • Understand the procedures required to successfully employ Lean to varied processes, such as administrative and transactional.
  • Students will begin to learn some of the more advanced features of Lean.
  • Students will have the skills to bring a proven path for success to an organization, because of the mentoring received by the highly trained and experienced instructors leading the classes.