Master Black Belt Training Benefits

There are many Master Black Belt training benefits and different levels of Six Sigma certification. The first level is called the Green Belt. Once a student becomes Green Belt certified, they have the option of moving into what is called a Black Belt. Black Belts go deeper into the DMAIC process and mentor Green Belts with questions or problems that may arise during and after their training.

The Benefits

One of the Master Black Belt training benefits is the career opportunities, since individuals with this certification are often the highest level of Six Sigma certification in the organization. Master Black Belts are 100% devoted to Six Sigma projects, implementation and training.

Master Black Belt training benefits also include the opportunity to be the primary mentor for both Green Belt and Black Belt students. All Master Black Belts have to display competent mastery of the Six Sigma methodology process and have a demonstrated knowledge of Six Sigma statistical tools. Many individuals that decide to take the step to become a Master Black Belt are making the decision to not only become a top-notch educator, but also a future leader within an organization or as a consultant. Expanded career opportunities is one of the key Master Black Belt training benefits.

Global Six Sigma’s Master Black Belt Program

Global Six Sigma is one of the few training providers that offers a certification course for Master Black Belts. Unlike many organizations, Global Six Sigma does not require sponsorship to become certified. The course focuses on multi-vari experiments, nonparametric analysis, and optimization experiments.

This will provide the student with the tools necessary to lead an organization through implementation of Six Sigma. Master Black Belt courses are designed to enable individuals to feel confident about the entire Six Sigma process at the highest level. Master Black Belt training benefits include the ability to be a vital part of the Six Sigma implementation process.

However, many organizations do not require a permanent Master Black Belt. Although this may seem like a negative, it is truly one of the Master Black Belt training benefits because you are able to work as consultant and/or teacher.

The Master Black Belt certification is presented in a public format. The Master Black Belt training benefits include the use of hands on exercises, as well as an interactive environment to enhance our slide presentation and lectures. Students receive a hard copy of the instructional material which they may use as reference after the class is completed.

Within the course materials, the student will find copies of the training modules and examples, as well as space for taking notes. Our Master Black Belt instructor will lead an engaging lecture that focuses on case studies; encourages class participation; and organized group activities. Our format is one of the main reasons why Global Six Sigma‘s Master Black Belt training benefits students more than other programs.

Throughout the training, students are encouraged to meet with the Master Black Belt to discuss questions or problems. Master Black Belt students are provided the tools necessary to guide the Six Sigma implementation process as an employee or consultant. Having this kind of versatility is an excellent example of the Master Black Belt training benefits.

Upon completion of the training, each student will meet with the Master Black Belt instructing the class for an in-depth interview to access their knowledge and ensure all requirements, including attending and participating in class, as well as the prerequisites for the course have been met.

Students will then receive their internationally recognized certification through Global Six Sigma. Certified Master Black Belts are highly marketable individuals with opportunities available in all industries. To find out what positions may be obtainable, students are encouraged to perform a search on their favorite job site using Six Sigma and/or Master Black Belt.

Master Black Belt Functions and Master Black Belt Training Benefits

  • Oversee the entire in-house role of the Six Sigma process.
  • Master Black Belts are completely devoted to Six Sigma in every way, shape, and form. They instruct, educate, lead and become skilled mentors within the company.
  • Project leadership and execution are primary tasks of a Master Black Belt. They ensure that ongoing projects are running smoothly and step in to help others, who require necessary assistance with their training or guidance throughout the process.
  • Master Black Belts have all the knowledge necessary to guide Champions, Green Belts and Black Belts.
  • Obtaining a Master Black Belt certification means you have achieved the highest level of Six Sigma training and are capable of leading the implementation process within an organization. You will be a mentor to all Six Sigma levels working to ensure that errors and defects in business processing are eliminated.
  • Master Black Belts use their talents to improve overall production of a company that is in chaos or disarray by assisting others; using their statistical and quality management knowledge to ensure things keep running in an orderly fashion.
  • Master Black Belt training benefits include the ability to work as a consultant, teacher, and/or business leader.