Minitab Essentials Training

For process improvement to happen, there is a need for raw data and statistics. Certified Six Sigma experts can identify issues in processes, come up with solutions, make changes to the processes, and continuously monitor the status of the changes using a wide range of tools and techniques. In order to do this, they need to use a methodology that is known for producing results – they just can’t make it up as they go.

One of the tools at the disposal of the Six Sigma expert is Minitab. If you don’t know what Minitab is, you stand to benefit from our online training. It will give you a base understanding of this popular statistical computer program in the world of Six Sigma

All industries used specialized computer programs to make professionals more efficient. UX/UI designers use programs like Figma or Adobe XD, while writers use something like Google Docs or MS Word with the Grammarly extension/plugin. In Sigma Sigma, we have Minitab. It is an essential piece of software for any professional who is serious about process improvement. So instead of spending time learning statistical models and techniques, Minitab can take the bulk of the struggle away and make it easier for you.

Through our on-demand videos, our course will take you through the process of creating powerful graphs and charts in Minitab. These will take your data analysis game to the next level. There are no prerequisites required for the course, making it perfect for any certified Six Sigma expert who has no clue how to begin using Minitab.

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