Online Six Sigma Training vs Classroom Six Sigma Training

Global Six Sigma offers Six Sigma Online Training or Six Sigma Classroom Training through a variety of certified belt courses. Our different levels of certification include the Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt programs. We were the first organization to offer a four week Black Belt, which includes two weeks of Green Belt training and two weeks of Black Belt training allowing

In order to choose the right option between online Six Sigma training or classroom Six Sigma training, you need to take things, such as your schedule into account. Both Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt courses are offered in public and online formats. But the Master Black Belt, which is an advanced two-week course that requires both Green Belt and Black Belt certification along with other prerequisites, must be taken in class.

The online and traditional classes each fit a specific requirement. Each option will provide its ownOnline and offline classes benefits. To know the best option for you, it is important to understand the to receive a Black Belt certification without any prior experience. The decision to take an online Six Sigma training course versus a classroom Six Sigma training program may be left up to your employer. However, if you are going through Six Sigma training on your own or your employer has left the decision up to you, then the option to take an online or public course can be difficult.

Comparing Online and Classroom Six Sigma Training

The online Six Sigma training is self-paced and gives individuals the advantage of working at their own speed. This is a good option, if you are currently working a full-time job or are enrolled in college courses that seem to eat up a lot of your time. You will have up to a year to complete the online training, if necessary, although most individuals usually complete it well within this time limit.

However, the actual length of the training will depend upon the amount of time you devote to the course. Both Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt online Six Sigma training courses require the completion of detailed modules and examinations about the standard Six Sigma DMAIC process.

The online Six Sigma training program offers two levels of certification. The training certification does not require the completion of a project. You may also earn your project certification for an additional fee by completing all of the training and submitting a project for review and certification. Completing a Six Sigma project only enhances your skill level and proves you can work the Six Sigma process, so this is the preferred option. The online Six Sigma training does not provide the one-on-one experience that you receive from the classroom Six Sigma training program. It also requires the ability to use the Internet and access to a high-speed Internet connection.

The classroom six sigma training course includes the completion and certification of a project for the company you are working for (this is the best option), or if this is not feasible, a project may be done through a non-profit organization. Unlike the self-paced Six Sigma Online Training, classroom Six Sigma training courses are provided in a standard class atmosphere.

The program will consist of lectures, question and answer sessions, along with individual and group exercises. You also receive the benefit of having one on one time with the Master Black Belt leading the training. Individuals are required to attend all of the training classes. However, public training does give you time off in between each week of training.

For example, there is approximately one month between the first and second week of training for all three certification levels. The four week Six Sigma Black Belt offers the same period of time between each week of the training. This gives individuals more time to work on their project, and breaks up the time away from the office. The public program also allows you to mix and match locations to fit your schedule. You have the option of taking the second, third or fourth week of the program in a different city. Deciding between online Six Sigma training and classroom Six Sigma training is a personal choice, but both options provide the same quality training.

Group Six Sigma Training

If you have a group that needs training, you might want to consider an onsite Six Sigma training program. We offer onsite training for all of our programs. Onsite training may be customized to fit your organizations requirements. This is a great option for groups, because all exercises can be completed using your project.

In addition, the instructor may use your project and organization for example. This will help you get the ball rolling much quicker. In addition, if your project is confidential, you can openly discuss it in class without outsiders hearing the information. If you would like to learn more about our onsite Six Sigma training, online Six Sigma training, or classroom Six Sigma training programs, please contact one of our representatives.