Six Sigma Certification Houston


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People that have received Six Sigma training have a definite advantage over their competition. Whether they are fighting over a promotion or looking for a new place to work, Six Sigma certification Houston increases their value in the eyes of all employers that are implementing or want to implement this technique within their organization in order to improve their business practices. It has been shown multiple times in the past that the Six Sigma system is fully capable of doing this by relying on precise statistical data instead of simple guesswork that often turns out to be wrong.

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Why Do You Need It?

Houston is one of the premiere economic centers in the country. It has a large workforce being the fourth most populous city in the United States of America. It has several thriving industries such as aeronautics, energy, manufacturing and healthcare. These qualities make it a good candidate for companies that are looking to expand and open up new offices.

As a result of this, currently Houston hosts more Fortune 500 companies than any other city in the US apart from New York. This creates a lot of opportunities for people looking for good employment and those opportunities multiply for those with Six Sigma training Houston. They will be at the front of the line when it comes to hiring new employees.

Where Would You Use It?

There will be no shortage of job opportunities for people with Six Sigma certification Houston considering the large number of companies in the area that use this technique. Dow Chemical, Discover Financial Services, Enpro Industries, NESC, Matheson Tri-Gas, Randstad Technologies, Shell Oil Company, Afton Chemical, CDI Corporation, DuPont, Exel, Experis and FMC Technologies are just a few names in a long list of organizations that have understood the potential benefits that come as a result of using Six Sigma and are interested in people with Six Sigma certification Houston that would be able to implement it successfully.

Where Would You Get It?

If you want to receive your Six Sigma certification Houston you will need to find a good trainer. Now comes the tricky part as there are plenty of companies that offer such services, but they are not all equal. Some take pride in the work they do while others are simply interested in receiving tuition fees and handing out certificates. If you want to excel in your career thanks to your Six Sigma training you will require an organization that offers quality services such as Global Six Sigma.

They are a world leader when it comes to providing Six Sigma training and their track record speaks for itself: 12 years of successful services consulting with major companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s, Motorola and Pepsi. They are the ones you want to use if you actually want to know a thing or two about Six Sigma and how it can be used successfully after you receive your certificate. Here you will always be helped by professional Master Black Belts that have vast knowledge and experience when it comes to the subject and will make sure that your new-found skills will prove to be an immense boost to your career.


All Six Sigma Certification Houston programs for Six Sigma and Lean will be held at:

Courtyard Marriott
Courtyard Houston by The Galleria
2900 Sage Road
Houston, Texas 77056, USA
Phone: (713) 622 3611

Fax: (713) 622 3204