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Six Sigma Certification Midwest – Make Yourself More Employable

There are few credentials that make a job candidate more employable across all industries. However, Six Sigma certification Midwest credentials can do just that. That’s because this is the only proven process improvement solution. As such, every industry, business, organization and government agency has a need for certified, trained professionals. Earning your Six Sigma certification can ensure that you have your pick of job options in any area, even those outside the Midwest if you’re interested in relocating. Of course, there are a few things that you need to know about this type of training.

A Look at the Different Training Options

Far from having just one type of certification available, you’ll find that companies delivering Six Sigma certification Midwest programs for job applicants typically offer up to five different credentials. This gives you the means to choose the ideal solution for your specific career path.

The basic training level offered is called white belt training. It’s an introductory course that requires about a day of training. While this type of credential can help you get a higher salary in many positions, it’s not what you need if you intend to enter management or leadership positions. Yellow belt training is the next step up. This is another introductory course, though graduates of this type of program for Six Sigma training Midwest opportunities get a better overall view of the techniques and strategies employed to improve processes.

The most commonly sought Six Sigma credential is the green belt; these programs prepare candidates for team leadership positions, but they can also make excellent project team members, as they’re very familiar with most Six Sigma strategies, techniques and tools. The green belt Six Sigma certification Midwest program provides better employment options than white or yellow belt training, but if you want to leap into a leadership role, then you will find black belt training is a better choice. Black belt holders are invaluable additions to any company, and can take up roles as project managers and even department managers.

Of course, if you’re looking for maximum employability, you’ll need to consider master black belt training. This type of course ensures that you have the skills necessary to direct projects, plan and initiate projects and even set up your own Six Sigma consulting firm and reap the benefits offered by becoming an entrepreneur. Consultants can earn significant salaries, and can work with an immense range of clients.

The One Catch

While earning Six Sigma certification Midwest qualifications will provide you with enhanced employability, there’s one catch. You have to choose the right training provider. While there are numerous providers out there, they’re not all cut from the same cloth. Make sure that you choose a company whose certifications are accepted by Fortune 500 companies and in countries around the world (especially if you choose to become a master black belt). You should also check into the company’s history and the success rate of their graduates before making a final choice.

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