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A Six Sigma certificate can provide you with a lot more opportunities. It does not even matter if you work in a company that employs the Six Sigma method or not. Just the fact that you are willing to get this training by yourself shows that you have initiative and it will also help you in the future when you are in charge of various projects.

There are six different levels in the Six Sigma program called Belts. The lowest rank is the White Belt, followed by the Yellow Belt. These act more as an introduction to the Six Sigma methodology. If you want to take full advantage of your training, you really need to become a Green Belt or a Black Belt as these are the most common, the most useful and, therefore, the most sought after.

The most advanced program is the Master Black Belt which can be achieved only after years of experience successfully using the Six Sigma program. There is also the rank known as Champion which is reserved for business execs and other high level people within a company. With it they receive the basics principles of Six Sigma and learn how to choose Belts for various projects and then oversee them. A Champion should always be receiving support from Master Black Belts.

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Why Do You Need Six Sigma Certification Norfolk?

When you have Six Sigma certification Norfolk you become more valuable to all the potential employers in the area. While the city of Norfolk is not particularly big, it is located in the center of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, meaning that there will be plenty of major companies with offices here that will be interested in you. By having Six Sigma certification Norfolk you are putting yourself a step above everybody else.

Where Would You Use Six Sigma Certification Norfolk?

If you are not yet convinced of the benefits that come with having Six Sigma certification Norfolk, just look at this list of companies in the region that have implemented the Six Sigma method: Volt, Alion Science, Bridgestone America, Cytec, Kelly Engineering, NuSil, STIHL, Revel Consulting, the Ultralife Corporation and Winchester Electronics.

Where Can You Get It?

Global Six Sigma can provide you with all the services you need and give you the Six Sigma certification Norfolk that will make you more attractive to all prospective employers. Global Six Sigma offers the full range of courses depending on your current level.

You can start at the bottom with the White Belt and keep working your way up until you become a Master Black Belt. That will take a while, but in the meantime you can learn everything you need to know from other Master Black Belts that perform the training here at Global Six Sigma.

They will help you understand all of the aspects of the Six Sigma methodology that are hard to learn just by reading books. They draw from their own experiences in order to help you and other enrollees understand just how Six Sigma certification Norfolk can help you in the real world.


All Six Sigma Certification Norfolk programs will be held at the following hotel:

Six Sigma NorfolkCourtyard Norfolk Downtown

520 Plume Street
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 USA
Phone: 1-757-963-6000
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