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Having Six Sigma certification Orlando makes you a better fit for the companies in the area that also use the Six Sigma method in order to improve their business practices. If you choose to receive training and learn the Six Sigma methodology, you become much more valuable as an employee. For starters, it shows that you have initiative, but the companies will also value the fact that they no longer have to spend resources on training you and instead you can join in directly on a project because you have been already certified.

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Why Do You Need Six Sigma Certification Orlando?

Orlando is a prime target for many companies that have built offices in the area. It is not a populous city by any means, but it is a very popular tourist spot and it is also part of a larger metropolitan area. If you already have a Six Sigma certification Orlando when you are looking for a new employer, your chances of finding a job will increase significantly as many organizations in the area value this approach to how they do business.

You can use your knowledge to improve the structural capacities and proficiencies of the company as well as find ways to decrease the budget for various aspects of the production process. Saving money is something that every company likes and this kind of work will put you in line for a promotion. Also, when you get your Six Sigma certification Orlando you also learn how to use all the latest statistical analysis software such as Minitab 18.

Where Will You Use Six Sigma Certification Orlando?

If you have Six Sigma certification Orlando, it will not be difficult for you to find work. There will always be companies in the metropolitan area that are interested in hiring more people specializing in Six Sigma. Companies like Aon, CHEP Inc, Apple & Associates, TEKSystems, Experis, Smart City Telecom and the Raytheon Company are just a few names that employ the Six Sigma method and are interested in additional employees that would be able to implement it successfully within their organization.

Where Will You Get It?

If you are truly interested in receiving Six Sigma certification Orlando, then your best bet is Global Six Sigma. The Global Six Sigma company has all the services you could possibly want. Even if you are still unsure whether Six Sigma can help your career or not, you can still take an individual online course module such as the introductory Six Sigma Overview and find out if this is right for you or not.

It comes at the low price of $39.99. All other individual courses are $49.99 and you can select them if you want training in a particular area such as learning how to use the tools associated with Six Sigma. Whatever courses you choose, you can do them at your own time. They are all available online and are all self-paced. This means that you can access them whenever you have free time on your hand. The only thing you will need is an Internet connection.


The Six Sigma Certification Orlando programs will be held at the following hotel:

Six Sigma OrlandoCourtyard Orlando Lake Buena Vista at Vista Centre

8501 Palm Parkway
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32836
TEL: 407-239-6900


Guests can call our reservations line at phone at 1-800-321-2211. Make sure to mention the group name Six Sigma or Rate Program. The cut off time is normally three weeks prior to each week of training so please reserve early to obtain the lowest rate.