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A Six Sigma certificate can really help you go places. It really increases your value as an employee since there are many companies in Raleigh and the surrounding area that rely on the Six Sigma method in order to achieve better results as a business. After all, that is what Six Sigma was designed for.

It takes in a lot of statistical data and analyzes it in order to come up with solutions and alternatives to the current business practices that will make things run smoother. The biggest concern here is to minimize the usage of resources in unnecessary areas such as correcting faulty products. By improving the overall production process this results in less faulty products and, therefore, less resources wasted fixing them.

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Why Do You Need Six Sigma Certification Raleigh?

If you live in Raleigh or the surrounding area, you could definitely stand to benefit from Six Sigma certification Raleigh. It is not a large city by any stretch, but it is part of what is known as the Research Triangle along with Chapel Hill and Durham. This region is well known for the numerous information and technology companies that have offices here.

A lot of them are willing to try all the latest and greatest techniques when it comes to improving efficiency and the Six Sigma method is one of them. Therefore by having Six Sigma certification Raleigh you will definitely improve your chances with some of these companies.

Where Will You Use It?

Although Raleigh is a major hi-tech center in the United States of America, there are many other flourishing industries present such as healthcare, telecommunications, apparel, banking and financial services. Companies such as DISYS, ATI Industrial, Arkema, Bridgestone America, Cytec, Diosynth, Lenovo, NCR, Revlon, the Richmond Group, Winchester Electronics and even the University of North Carolina are all interested in hiring employees that have Six Sigma certification Raleigh.

Where Will You Get Six Sigma Certification Raleigh?

If you are ready to start learning about Six Sigma, then Global Six Sigma is the best place to teach you. They believe in offering quality training services where their students actually learn something and understand how to apply the Six Sigma techniques in real life situations later on. They do this because they are taught by Master Black Belts who rely on their experience and vast knowledge regarding Six Sigma to prepare the new generations.

If you are still unsure whether you need Six Sigma certification Raleigh or not, you can start out with the simple White Belt course. It acts more as an introduction to Six Sigma and will allow you to learn the basic concepts, roles and elements of the methodology, as well as the 5 DMAIC steps that represent the backbone of the Six Sigma method. They are, in order: Define, Measure, Analyze,  Improve, and Control.

This program is very accessible as it has no requirements in order to join and the only computer skills you will need is basic knowledge of Microsoft Word. The Course only costs $99 and gives you 30 day access to the course modules. Give it a shot and you will see what the potential value of having Six Sigma certification Raleigh can be.


Six Sigma Certification Raleigh programs will be held at the hotel listed below:


Residence Inn Raleigh MidtownResidence Inn Raleigh Midtown

1000 Navaho Drive
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609
Phone: 1-919-878-6100
Fax: 1-919-876-4117