Six Sigma Certification Steps

Six Sigma CertificationSix Sigma certification steps will depend upon what level of Six Sigma training you are pursuing. Often, customers will ask about a Yellow Belt, and how this certification plays a role in the Six Sigma process. Global Six Sigma offers Yellow Belt certifications even though this level was traditionally achieved while working on a project.

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Level

Today, companies are looking for Six Sigma certification steps for Yellow Belts that include standardized training. Our JumpStart program offers a more advanced learning experience that would incorporate all of the Yellow Belt training, plus additional information not typically covered at this level.

Yellow Belt is the introduction to Six Sigma certification steps. For instance, the information is necessary to obtain a Green Belt certification through Global Six Sigma. The Yellow Belt training is included within the Six Sigma certification steps for the Green Belt or four week Black Belt, so there is no need to do a separate program. Yellow Belts provide a support role only and do not lead Six Sigma projects.

The Six Sigma Green Belt Level

The Six Sigma certification steps for the Six Sigma Green Belt encompass the most important part of achieving an active role in the Six Sigma process. Green Belts are required to complete a two-week program, which begins with four and a half days of training also known as the JumpStart.

The second week will focus on taking projects to completion. Each week is separated by approximately one month. Green Belts will be able to have one-on-one access to the Master Black Belt instructor throughout the training process. This provides an opportunity to discuss project ideas and potential problems.

The Six Sigma certifications steps for Six Sigma Green Belts requires that both weeks of training or all of the online modules be successfully completed. Our public and online Green Belt programs also require the completion of a project as one of the Six Sigma certification steps. Online project certification is an additional charge. You may complete a project for your employer or a non-profit organization in your area as part of the certification process.

It is not required that you complete a project for training certification. However, most employers prefer Green Belts that are project certified. Both online and in class Green Belt students are required to complete all mandatory hours, but individuals completing the online program will also be required to pass all module exams in addition to the necessary hours.

The Global Six Sigma Black Belt Level

The next level in the Global Six Sigma program includes the Six Sigma certification steps for Black Belts. These are individuals are already Green Belt certified from an approved organization and want to obtain their Black Belt.

This is a two week program that reviews what you have already learned in your Green Belt training, and then focuses on higher level Six Sigma certification steps that include the training and methodologies required at the Black Belt level. Each week is separated by approximately one month. Six Sigma Black Belt project certification is included in the cost of the classroom Black Belt program. There is an additional fee for Black Belt online students.

Global Six Sigma was the first organization to offer a four week Black Belt training program that includes Six Sigma certification steps for the Green Belt and Black Belt in one offering. This option includes two weeks of Green Belt training and two weeks of Black Belt training. The Six Sigma certification steps require that a single Black Belt project be completed.

For students taking the online Black Belt training course, the Six Sigma certification steps require the successful completion all necessary modules and exams for both the Green Belt and the Black Belt. Project certification for online Black Belt students is offered for an additional charge. As with the Green Belt program, the Master Black Belt will be available to answer questions and provide guidance for public class students.

The Six Sigma Master Black Belt Level

Global Six Sigma is one of the few organizations to offer Six Sigma certification steps at the Master Black Belt level. In addition, our Master Black Belt program does not require sponsorship. The Six Sigma certification steps require that students attend a public class. We do not offer an online Master Black Belt course.

In order to become a Master Black Belt, student must meet certain criteria needed as part of the prerequisites of the Six Sigma certification steps at this level. One of these requirements includes Black Belt certification. Please contact one of our representatives to receive a complete list of prerequisites and Six Sigma certification steps for the Master Black Belt program.

This two week program is intensive and prepares the student for positions that require Six Sigma implementation as a leader or consultant within an organization. Each week of the program is separated by approximately one month. It also provides skills used for teaching Six Sigma methodologies. It is the highest level of Six Sigma certification.

Global Six Sigma offers the Six Sigma certification steps that are convenient and allow the student to mix and match locations to suit his/her schedule. All of our Six Sigma certifications steps will lead to an┬á internationally recognized certification. Our programs are taught by Master Black Belts with real world experience. To learn more about the Six Sigma certification steps or find out about our onsite training programs, please contact one of our representatives.