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When you enroll in a Six Sigma class, you get the opportunity to receive a certificate that can significantly boost your career. This is because the business world is now well aware of the benefits that come with using the Six Sigma method within their organization: better business practices, less wasted resources, improved customer satisfaction and, overall, more money.

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Why Do You Need It?

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and fifth overall in North America. This alone makes it a prime target for a multitude of companies that want to have offices here, but it also represents a giant economic center and the financial capital of Canada.

Besides banking and financial services, other industries have also flourished here such as telecommunications, media, publishing, manufacturing and IT. All of them are represented by companies that rely on the Six Sigma method in order to improve their production efficiency. Suffice to say that anyone with Six Sigma certification Toronto will do very well in such companies.

Where Would You Use It?

There are plenty of employment opportunities for people with Six Sigma training Toronto. Companies such as Volt, Cope & Associates, Zylog Systems, Johnson & Johnson, Pride in Personnel, Koch Canada and the Softchoice Corporation are all interested in people that have been trained how to properly use the Six Sigma system in order to benefit the company they work for.

Where Would You Get It?

If you have decided that you want Six Sigma certification Toronto, then your next step is to locate an organization that offers quality training in this regard. Your best choice would be Global Six Sigma. They have been doing this for a very long time and in over 25 countries so they have fully perfected their teaching method. They offer onsite training or at specially designated locations and their prices are very affordable since they do not need to pay for a full time office building.

If you are just starting to learn about Six Sigma, then you would be best off with one of the introductory courses such as the White Belt or Yellow Belt. The White Belt is meant more to act as a quick overview of what the Six Sigma program has to offer. It will provide you with the basic principles, ideas and various other elements incorporated into the methodology.

If you are serious about obtaining Six Sigma certification Toronto, then the Yellow Belt courses would be more your speed. They only cost $199 and come with 90 days access to the online course modules. Included are the three courses that are part of the White Belt curriculum (Six Sigma Overview, Six Sigma Define Phase and Six Sigma Deployment) along with three additional courses: Process Mapping, Cause and Effect Analysis and Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA).

Once you obtain your Six Sigma certification Toronto for the Yellow Belt you will be eligible to enroll for the Green Belt and Black Belt at a later date. This will allow you to further refine your skills and improve your knowledge of Six Sigma at your own pace.


All program will be held at:

Hilton Garden Inn Toronto City CentreHampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Toronto Airport

3279 Caroga Dr,

Mississauga,ON L4V 1A3, Canada

Tel: +1 905-671-4730