Six Sigma in Human Resources

Six Sigma in human resources departments can play an important role in every company. These specialized departments are in charge of numerous tasks, such as

Six Sigma Human Resources

hiring/firing, payroll, benefits, job postings, employee reviews, databases, and disciplinary actions against employees. Working within a human resource department can be an overwhelming challenge, especially if there is a flawed system in place. Global Six Sigma has worked with many human resource departments implementing a proven methodology that defines problem areas, eliminates errors, and provides safeguards to prevent these problems from reoccurring.

The Six Sigma program is geared toward improving internal processes within an organization. Without Six Sigma in human resources some organizations require months to hire new employees. The end result is missing the opportunity to hire the best candidate and a department that remains shorthanded.

Our program can help HR experts improve hiring times by speeding up the process. Six Sigma in human resources can also be used to increase the accuracy of a database or improve the payroll process, so that it is more efficient.

What Global Six Sigma Can Offer

Global Six Sigma offers different levels of certification for HR professionals. However, we encourage organizations that are just implementing Six Sigma in human resources to conduct a two-day Champion course onsite for their upper management. We also offer a one-day Overview course, which is available in a traditional classroom that is open to the public. These courses are designed to give upper level managers the opportunity to find out what Six Sigma in human resources is all about, and how the DMAIC process works for different companies.

By getting an overview of Six Sigma in human resources, upper level management can then make a decision on how many HR employees they would like to enroll in the course, and what type of belt certifications they are seeking for specific individuals. Of course, our programs are available to individuals that are not being sponsored, as well.

We offer three belt certification levels for Six Sigma in human resources, each of which builds upon the other.

Six  Sigma Green Belt Training

The Green Belt is the first level of Six Sigma certification. HR employees can take a two week on-site or in-class course lead by a Master Black Belt instructor, or choose to do the self paced online Green Belt.

On-site and in-class students will be required to complete a project for the organization they are working for or a non-profit organization, if there is not another option. Each week of the Green Belt training for in-class and on-site locations is separated by approximately one month. This allows you to work on your project. This also makes attending class easier, because you are not away for weeks at a time. When you return to class, you may discuss any problems or questions with the Master Black Belt leading the program.

Online Green Belt students must complete all necessary modules and examinations, but are not required to do a project to receive training certification. However, online students do have the option of completing a project for an additional fee. Exams may be retaken as many times as necessary to pass. If you choose to add project certification, you will receive up to three hours of remote assistance from one of our Master Black Belts.

Black Belt Six Sigma Training

The next level of certification is the four week Black Belt. This four week course is offered as a public or on-site class and provides a deeper understanding of the DMAIC process used by Six Sigma in human resources. The first two weeks will consist of the Green Belt with the second two weeks encompassing the Black Belt. Each week is separated by approximately one month, and students will be required to do a project in order to obtain their Black Belt certification.

The class offers the flexibility to mix and match locations to fit your schedule. Students learning Six Sigma in human resources techniques also have the option of taking this course online, and the same rules apply to Black Belt online students as with the Green Belt online students. Because the Green Belt is a prerequisite of the Black Belt, all of the Green Belt modules are included with the online Black Belt.

Also, you may choose to complete a project for an additional fee. With project certification, you will receive up to four hours of remote assistance by one of our Master Black Belts. For more information about our Six Sigma in human resources programs, feel free to speak to one of our representatives or visit our website for further details.