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Six Sigma training Atlanta represents teaching the methodology and practices of the Six Sigma technique within the city of Atlanta and the metropolitan area. There are many companies out there that could provide this service, but few, if any, can do it better than

With over 12 years of experience behind them, has already proved that it is more than capable of offering extensive training covering the full range of courses of Lean and Six Sigma to major companies with international offices such as Pepsi and Motorola. They also provide onsite instructions and consulting for companies so they are capable of providing all forms of Six Sigma training Atlanta needs.

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Why Is It Necessary?

Atlanta is a major American city. It does not have a very large population, but it is part of a much larger metro area that is a big economic center for the country. Many companies have offices here and this includes over 750 of the Fortune 1000 corporations. As a result, there is always a big demand for Six Sigma training in Atlanta. These companies know better than anyone else what kind of results they can expect by implementing the Six Sigma methodology and just how much money they could save with it.

Who Uses It?

Atlanta is home to two of the biggest supporters of the Six Sigma method: the Aeronautics center for aerospace and technology research company Lockheed Martin and the Mobility headquarters for AT&T, the biggest telecommunications company in the United States of America. However, there are additional companies here that are interested in using people with Six Sigma training Atlanta in order to improve the quality and efficiency of their production process.

They include Phillips Electronics, Cox Communications, Cbeyond, Equifax, Aon, Genesis10, Randstad Technologies, UnitedHealth Group, Delta Global Services, Citi and the MRI Network, just to name a few. The popularity of Six Sigma is more evident now than ever and people who receive Six Sigma training Atlanta increase their value significantly in the eyes of employers, both current and future.

Who Can Provide It? has a full range of courses available that cover all the methodology involved with the Six Sigma program. People with absolutely no knowledge or experience can start their way from the ground up with the White Belt and Yellow Belt courses. They can then move on up to the certifications that are really sought after by companies which are the Green Belt and the Black Belt.

Finally, they can also specialize and become a Master Black Belt if they feel they have the skills for it. There is also the option of learning to become a Champion, the highest rank within the Six Sigma method, but this is usually reserved for company executives and other higher-ups whose main responsibilities will be to back and oversee projects and choose the Belts that will be working on them.

Technically, a Six Sigma Master Black Belt would be the most coveted position, but most experts agree that it is better for a company to have a multitude of Black and Green Belts rather than a single Master Black Belt so these lower ranks maintain their popularity.