Six Sigma Training California

six sigma training california

The Six Sigma program is a methodology that allows companies to use the DMAIC method (Define; Measure; Analyze; Improve; Control) in order to find and correct ineffective steps in their production process.

More specifically, this approach targets the production of faulty products that will require additional resources in order to be corrected. Every time this happens the company loses money but it is a necessary step in order to maintain customer satisfaction. By limiting it as much as possible and distributing those resources more effectively, Six Sigma allows those companies to increase their overall profits.

This has been tested and verified. Motorola was the first company to use the Six Sigma method since they are the ones who developed it. They used it to great success and saw a marked increase in their profits after it was implemented by cutting down on production costs. After them many other organizations were keen to try and they managed to save millions of dollars in the process. Most notable is an example in 1999 when General Electric saved $2 billion in one year alone after resorting to this technique.

Why Is Six Sigma Training California Necessary?

Since it is so effective, it is no wonder that more and more companies are interested in using it. This creates a large demand for training services all over the world, but most notably in areas with a high concentration of corporate sectors. In the United States of America, there are few other regions that can match the state of California in this regard.

California is the most populous state in the country which means it has a very large workforce. It is also one of the largest by size, meaning there is plenty of room to expand. It has a large number of highly developed cities that represent major economic centers for the country such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego. It has many thriving industries and it is a world leader in some like the technology and information sectors due to the presence of Silicon Valley near San Francisco. This creates a very high demand for Six Sigma training California.

Who Uses Six Sigma Training California?

Six Sigma training California is necessary because there are so many thriving companies in the region looking to expand and they can do this only if they have access to all the resources that will allow them to improve financially. Some of the biggest Six Sigma practitioners in the region include the Raytheon Company, the UnitedHealth Group, Nestle, Rexnord, Aerotek, Volt, Experis, Phillips Electronics, the Bartech Group, Becton Dickinson, Ingram Micro Inc, TEKsystems and Teledyne Technologies. These are just a few names but it becomes obvious that receiving Six Sigma training California is a great way for a person to boost his marketability in the eyes of an employer.

Who Can Provide Six Sigma Training California?

It is important when looking for Six Sigma training California to find a company that is fully capable of providing quality training taught by professionals. That is why is the best choice available since they use only experienced Master Black Belts for all of their Six Sigma training California courses.

The Six Sigma Training California Locations include:

Six Sigma Training Los Angeles, CA

Six Sigma Training San Francisco, CA

Six Sigma Training San Jose, CA

Six Sigma Training San Diego, CA