Six Sigma Training Dubai

Six Sigma Training Dubai

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Six Sigma is a process improvement solution that can be used by any company, within any industry. While it’s made waves in the US and Europe, it’s also in demand within other areas around the world, including Dubai and other rapidly growing nations. Whether you’re looking for training for yourself, or you’re in need of Six Sigma training Dubai courses for your company as a whole, there are many different options available. The problem is that they’re not all the same and you need to ensure that you get the right training provider.

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Qualities to Look for in a Training Provider

The first step in securing a Six Sigma training Dubai provider is to know what qualities make a good company. Six Sigma training companies are a dime a dozen these days, largely because there’s no central governing body that controls who can claim this title and who cannot. This leads to quite a few subpar options. Obviously, you need to ensure that the training company you ultimately select for your needs is of the highest caliber. Look for a Six Sigma training company with the following attributes:

  • Is known for working with leading businesses in the US and around the world
  • Can provide multiple training options for international clients, including those in Dubai
  • Has a reputation for providing the highest quality education
  • Has Six Sigma certifications that are accepted internationally without question
  • Can provide a full range of Six Sigma training courses, not just one or two

Course Delivery Formats

Another important consideration when choosing a provider for Six Sigma training Dubai programs is how the company will deliver the courses. There are two primary options you should look for:

In-Person If you’re a company owner or executive looking to give your existing staff Six Sigma training, then you should consider a provider that can come to your business location and train your team. However, make sure that the company is willing to travel to provide training for even smaller teams (four people or more). Some training providers will only travel internationally for very large teams, and this can make a real difference in the firm you ultimately select.

Distance Learning Another option that can be used by both companies and individuals interested in Six Sigma training Dubai is distance learning. These courses are provided over an Internet connection, and all coursework is completed virtually. There are some obvious advantages here, including the ability to learn at your natural pace, to take classes without compromising time on the job and a potentially shorter time to course completion.

Signs of a Low-Quality Provider

In addition to looking for the right course delivery formats and the key qualities listed above, you should also know a few signs that indicate a potential low-quality education provider. Watch out for the following when choosing a company for Six Sigma training Dubai programs:

  • No master black belt instructors
  • Ultra-low course costs
  • Promises course completion in exceptionally short time
  • No live project required for graduation

Avoid companies with these red flags, and you will be able to get the training needed.