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Six Sigma Training Houston How Can It Benefit You?

Business owners, executives, and organization heads are constantly trying to improve their operations. The only sure path forward is process improvement through Six Sigma application. This combination of skills, tools, strategies, and solutions provides any organization or business with the means to reduce errors, cut out defects, improve production, cut costs, enhance customer satisfaction and build success.

You can take advantage of that immense potential. Six Sigma certification Houston credentials can provide you with the means to grow your own success in many different ways.

Schedule for Global Six Sigma Training in Houston

Who’s Hiring Six Sigma Professional in Houston?

Houston is a hotbed of business and industry. From the shipping industry to manufacturers to retailers and healthcare providers, it’s all here. That has big implications for you, the job hunter. You’ll find that the city has one of the best job markets for those who undergo Six Sigma training Houston programs, and the following companies are just a very few of the myriad hiring professionals right now:

  • EP Energy
  • McKesson Specialty Pharmaceutical
  • Coiling Technologies
  • Cameron
  • Igloo Products Corp
  • Pentair Valves & Controls
  • FMC Technologies
  • TrueBridge Resources
  • NESC
  • Shell Oil

Annual salary can vary drastically from one company to another and will also depend on what certification you graduate with after completing a Six Sigma training Houston program.

However, you’ll find that the pay range is high for credentialed professionals, starting at about $40,000 per year and moving up to more than $100,000 for higher positions (project managers, quality assurance engineers, etc.).

How Do You Get Started?

Are you ready to get started and take advantage of the demand for professionals in Six Sigma? Then you need to start by getting the right education and training. There are several things you need to know before you choose a provider for Six Sigma training Houston courses, as the wrong choice can have dramatic repercussions on your professional future.

First, make sure that the company you choose has a reputation for providing the best possible training. This will require that you find feedback from both previous customers and previous students. Real, unsolicited testimonials and word of mouth provide you with the most accurate information about a company’s quality and value.

Second, make sure that the company offers all five Six Sigma belts through their training courses. Just because black belt training is right for one person doesn’t mean it’s right for you. You might do better with green, yellow or Six Sigma white belt training. Having the option to choose the right level for your career needs is important.

Third, you need to find out how the company provides their training. While in-person classes can offer value, that shouldn’t be the only choice available to you for Six Sigma training Houston options. You should also be able to choose onsite training or distance learning via computer.

With a company that meets these qualifications, you can ensure that not only do you have access to excellent education, but the course formats you need to fit your lifestyle and work schedule. You may view the full schedule by clicking here.