Six Sigma Training New York

Six Sigma Training New York

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Six Sigma Training, New York

New York isn’t short on jobs, but if you’re looking for a way to get started in a career that can last a lifetime, you need to make sure you’ve got the right training and education. Increasingly, Six Sigma is becoming the most important type of training for professionals. It’s not constrained to any single industry or niche either, which means that no matter what field you want to enter or are already working in, Six Sigma training New York programs can benefit you.

Schedule for Six Sigma Training, New York

Hirers Aplenty

If you look at the job market, you’ll find a tremendous range of hirers demanding Six Sigma training credentialed professionals. These range from the tech industry to manufacturing, consulting firms, life insurance and more. The following companies are hiring right now, but you’ll find that Six Sigma training New York credentials will allow you to get on with almost any firm:

  • Guardian Life
  • Atlantic Partners
  • DynCorp
  • Leviton Manufacturing
  • Pall Corporation
  • PepsiCo
  • NTT Data, Inc.
  • Canon Business Process Services

Given the immense number of companies hiring credentialed professionals, it makes sense to get the education you need right now. However, that might be harder than you think. You first have to find a quality training provider. How do you do that?

Steps to Finding an Education Provider for Six Sigma Training

It’s important that you realize Six Sigma training New York providers differ from other forms of education. While colleges and universities must be accredited (for quality assurance), that’s not true of Six Sigma courses. Any company is free to offer any course they want. That means there’s tremendous disparity in terms of quality from one course provider to another.

Therefore, the first thing that you must do is ensure you can separate worthwhile training companies from those who exist for little more than to separate you from your money. You can do that relatively easily by researching the company’s reputation, their length of history in the business, what their past students and clients have to say, and how widely accepted their certifications are (you want to see international acceptance).

Of course, your job isn’t finished yet. You still need to determine what type of credentials you want to earn out of Six Sigma certification New York courses. There are five different possibilities, and each offers unique advantages that will appeal to different individuals.

Introductory Courses

There are two introductory courses, white and yellow belt training. These are good options for those who want to learn Six Sigma skills, but have no interest in being part of a project team (but who still want to benefit from the need for Six Sigma training in the modern workplace).

Intermediate Courses

Six Sigma Green belt courses give graduates the ability to work on or even lead project teams, as well as apply their knowledge and skills to areas outside a process improvement project.

Advanced Courses

For those who want to move up as high as possible, black belt and master black belt courses from a provider offering Six Sigma training New York programs will do the trick. Black belt holders act as project managers and team leaders, while master black belt holders initiate and plan projects, or work as successful consultants in their own right.

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