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By using the Six Sigma method, companies are able to detect flaws in their business practices. Even the tiniest defect can cost a big company millions of dollars over a longer period of time, so finding a way to optimize their production process is vital if they want to find the level of success necessary for them to grow and expand.

That is why the Six Sigma technique has become so popular. It has proven in many cases that it is capable of leading an organization to bigger profits by cutting back on costs and distributing the resources already present more effectively.

Since its development by Motorola, Six Sigma has received widespread acclaim and has been adopted by many other businesses. This has generated a high demand for companies that are able to train others how to properly use the Six Sigma technique to the best of their abilities.

This demand, however, is usually concentrated in areas with large populations that also have rich and thriving business sectors. In the United States of America, this refers to big metropolises such as San Francisco. By itself, the city is one of the biggest in the country; but it is also part of the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the largest and most populous metropolitan areas in the United States of America.

This alone is enough reason to have Six Sigma training San Francisco, but the region also has a thriving economy. Many industries have been able to flourish here and go on to international success. Even more organizations that are headquartered elsewhere have decided to set up offices in the area.

Who Uses It?

A lot of industries are well represented in the Bay Area, but none more so than the technology and information industries. This is mainly due to the presence of Silicon Valley near San Francisco, the biggest hi-tech sector in the nation. Many of the most successful technology-related companies have offices here and most of them have their headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Many of these companies such as Amazon, 3M and the Siemens Group rely on Six Sigma training San Francisco in order to improve the quality of their business practices and increase their overall productivity. Of course, just because this is the most prominent industry, it is not the only one that is looking for employees with Six Sigma training San Francisco.

There are many others out there including Rose International, Apex Systems, Phillips Electronics, AT&T, APN Software Solutions, Winchester Electronics, the Baxter Healthcare Corp, Cytec, the Del Monte Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, Kraft Foods, the MRI Network and Revel Consulting. There are more, but this just goes to show how popular this methodology has become and how valuable someone that has received Six Sigma training San Francisco is to a successful, developing company.

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