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The Twin Cities area is seeing a resurgent job market across the board, which is part of the national recovery from the lingering effects of the recession. One of the areas seeing the highest rate of growth, and that interestingly did not suffer during the recession, is the adoption of Six Sigma.

As businesses seek to become more profitable and stable, they need to improve processes, eliminate errors and boost customer satisfaction. Six Sigma is the only way to do that. Six Sigma training St. Paul opportunities provide you with the chance to use this growing demand to your advantage.

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How Six Sigma Training St. Paul Works

How can Six Sigma training help you maximize your employability? It’s simple, really. By completing a Six Sigma training St. Paul class, you are able to fill an incredible need with almost any company in the Twin Cities area. What companies have a need for trained, credentialed professionals? Here’s a look at just a few of the companies actively hiring Six Sigma staff right now:

  • DeltaTech Controls
  • Eaton Corporation
  • Minco Products, Inc.
  • SJM Cardiovascular
  • UnitedHealth
  • ENTEGEE Engineering Technical Group
  • Lubrication Technologies, Inc.
  • Carestream Health
  • Bellcomb
  • Solutia Consulting, Inc.
  • Seagate
  • Arctic Cat, Inc.

From the names above, you can clearly see that every possible industry in the area has a need for Six Sigma professionals. What’s more, you’ll find a tremendous range of potential positions out there, too. These range from administrative staff to team leaders, project managers and senior directors. However, in order to leverage this need to your advantage, you must have the right Six Sigma training St. Paul provider. Here’s what you need to do.

Steps to Choosing an Education Provider

A single glance at the options available is all that’s needed to show you just how many Six Sigma training providers there are in the St. Paul area. However, it’s vital that you realize they are not all the same. Some are excellent options, while others must be avoided at all costs. While there is no central accrediting agency in this industry, there are ways that you can tell a good company from a shoddy one.

Reputation is the easiest way to tell if a company offering Six Sigma certification St. Paul programs are worth your time. Unfortunately, this can be a very difficult metric to ascertain. There are several ways you can gauge a company’s reputation, including the Better Business Bureau, online reviews from previous students and customers, as well as the relationships that company has with businesses in the Twin Cities area, across the US and even internationally.

Course selection and delivery methods are also important considerations here. Make sure that the training company you select provides all five belt courses (white, yellow, green, black and master black), and that they are able to deliver those courses in a format that fits your needs.

Classroom-based learning should not be your only option look for a company that offers Six Sigma training St. Paul via online courses, as well as onsite. Click here to see the full Six Sigma Training St Paul MN schedule.


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